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Staging Your Home to Sell Faster and for More Money

Top 3 Things to Focus on When Staging Your Home

Professional home decorator and stager Monique Barnum, owner of Wilmington-based Serenity Designs, offers these tips for staging your home to sell faster and for more money.

1. Focus on the online experience.

Buyers view your home online first. So stage for a 2-dimensional web experience with listing photos optimized to create an inviting first-impression that leads to a home showing. Monique recommends using a professional photographer and prefers to collaborate with the photographer for the photo shoot.

Monique stages for and recommends creating photos that help buyers move around your house. This living room photo moves your eyes past the staircase and into the dining room, as well as deep into the back hallway.

2. Focus on one architectural feature at a time.

Pick one architectural feature — like a fireplace — that you want as the focus, and downplay everything else in the room. It’s common today to have a flat screen TV above the fireplace with a couch in front. To focus buyers on your fireplace, remove the TV — if possible, or at least any wires — and move the couch so it doesn’t block the fireplace view.

If there’s a coffee table, glass is always better so that the buyer’s eyes see through it and focus on your fireplace.

No glass coffee table, no problem. Monique’s in-home staging services include availability to a high inventory of furnishings and accessories for staging your home to sell.

3. Focus on your home sale ROI (Return on Investment)

Fresh painting, refinished hardwood floors, new master bathroom vanity, and new kitchen counters will deliver a high ROI. But if you install granite counters over dated cabinets, you will not recoup your investment.

Monique recommends only those staging techniques and upgrades that deliver home sellers more money in the end. She uses furniture and accessories that both enhance a home’s architecture and blend seamlessly into each room. The result, buyers focus on a home’s selling points — its architectural features — and are not distracted by the décor.

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