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Andover is Talking Again about The Dascomb Road Project!

Special Town Meeting Set to Vote Monday

UPDATE - The warrants related to the Dascomb Road Project were voted down at Special Town Meeting.

The Dascomb Road Project goes before voters for a second time at Andover's January 29th Special Town Meeting. Pizza-and-real-estate entrepreneur Sal Lupoli, CEO and founder of The Lupoli Companies, will again ask Andover residents to rezone his 15-acre industrial property at 146 Dascomb Road to include residential.

A previous version was withdrawn at last May's Annual Town Meeting. Voters had too many questions about how both the rezoning and proposed mixed-use development would impact Andover long-term. Below is a 3-minute clip from that meeting.

Subsequently, Mr. Lupoli met with the community, made changes, and is now seeking approval for 2 privately sponsored articles so that the revised project can go forward. However, questions remain and another lively debate is expected at the Special Town Meeting.

The Revised Dascomb Road Project in Andover

The Lupoli Companies has a Facebook page (The Dascomb Road Project) and website (DascombRdProject.com) describing the revised Dascomb Road Project. Visit the sites to see what's changed in the project since last Town Meeting, the proposed benefits to the town, videos of community forums and the developer's consultant answering common questions. Below are some promotional images from the developer for the project.

Basically, Mr. Lupoli is proposing a Commercial/Retail/Residential mixed-used development  with "office space for cutting-edge industries, sophisticated 55+ residential living, the most coveted names in retail and restaurants with plenty of space that promotes and celebrates the history and community of Andover."

NOTE: The town's website also has a Dascomb Road Project page.

What Andover Voters Are Being Asked to Approve

The Lupoli Companies submitted two privately sponsored articles (Articles 11 and 12) that propose zoning changes in Andover's Industrial Development 2 district (ID2).

The town created ID2 in 2013 to bring amenities (such as a grocery store, dry-cleaner, fast-casual restaurant, retail — excluding big-box stores) to the commerical areas of River Road and Dascomb Road to make those areas more attractive to businesses and their employees.

Basically, Article 11 seeks to amend ID2 to incude Planned Development projects with 55-plus residential housing as part of a mixed-used development, and defines the process for doing so. Article 12 seeks town approval for Lupoli Companies to incorporate such residential housing for seniors into the Dascomb Road development.

NOTE: Click here to see the Articles as written in the warrant for the full details.

Questions Remain Before Special Town Meeting

Andover's historic downtown is the envy of surrounding communities with its storybook New England charm, and unique independent businesses like La Mia Moda Boutique, LaRosa's Cafe & Bar, Les Fleurs, Savoir Faire Home, Andover Massage Therapy, Izzy's Emporium, and more. Additionally, Andover has big in-town plans for the emerging Historic Mill District and the former sight of the Old Town Yard.

Will a boutique hotel, high-end retail and restaurants on the periphery of town, right off Interstate '93, suck the life out of Andover's downtown?

Another question is will high-end retailers even be attracted to a development right off '93 when tax-free New Hampshire is just 10 minutes away? Will shoppers flock to this project to buy big-ticket items? If not, what kind of retail options and restaurants is Andover guaranteed to see at the site? I was looking forward to a restaurant like The Capital Grille right in town; however, the developer appears to have great flexibility on what is actually built and questions remain on whether the warrant articles allow the developer to bypass the zoning board.

Will injecting residential into an industrial-zoned district make the area less attractive to businesses and negatively impact Andover's commercial tax baseAt least one long-term business opposes the rezoning.

What expenses will Andover incur by adding residential to ID2 sites? Will taxpayers be required to fund additional fire and safety resources? What is the impact on the public school system if the age-restriction on the apartments is not enforced?

How much of the $6 Million Mass Grant to improve the safety of Exit 42 is dependent on the residential zoning?

Will the town experience more traffic with the residential and why was the traffic study done on a holiday weekend?

Is it best for Andover to let a private developer drive this type of zoning change or should it start and be evaluated through a coordinated town planning process?

How can Andover residents cast an informed vote without hearing from the Dascomb Road Zoning Task force?

What Mr. Lupoli Says about The Dascomb Road Project

Mr. Lupoli says he is only seeking the residential component to make the development more attractive to high-end retailers and restaurants, and that he will go forward with a by-right development (all commercial development that he says is allowed by the current ID2 zoning) if his privately sponsored articles fail at Special Town Meeting.

As of the December 4, 2017 Board of Selectmen's Meeting, Mr. Lupoli had not submitted plans to the town for either the by-right or residential project (requiring approval of Articles 11 and 12). Watch the 20-minute video below.

What Andover Town Leaders Say about The Dascomb Road Project

Finance Committe Took No Position on Articles 11 and 12

The Finance Committee took no position on Articles 11 and 12, stating there is "insufficient financial data to support or oppose these articles based on
the potential future financial impact on the Town."

Planning Board Recommends Disapproval of Article 11

Although, the Finance Committee report states that the Planning Board is waiting until Special Town Meeting to present its recommendations on Article 11 (the rezoning); the Planning Board recently met and recommended disapproval of Article 11.

Board of Selectmen, in Split Decisions, Approved Both Articles 11 and 12

The Board of Selectmen voted 3-2 in favor or Article 11:

YES — Selectmen Salafia, Kowalski & Gregory

NO — Selectmen Landry & Vispoli

The Board of Selectmen voted 3-1-1 in favor of Article 12:

YES — Selectmen Salafia, Kowalski & Gregory

NO — Selectman Landry  

ABSTAINED — Selectman Vispoli (because the board had not heard the findings of The Dascomb Road Zoning Task Force, see below)

What The Dascomb Road Zoning Task Force Says

The Dascomb Road Zoning Task Forced was created by the Board of Selectmen to evaluate the long-term impact to the town of both the by-right and residential Dascomb Road Projects.

On January 25th, the Dascomb Road Zoning Task Force voted to advise the Special Town Meeting that  they have no findings to share with the Board of Selectmen or the Town, as their work is in complete. Watch the  5 minute discussion below.

What The Andover Townsman Says

The Andover Townsman voiced support for the Dascomb Road Project in its editorial "Lupoli must be prepared for skeptics at Special Town Meeting."

The last paragraph states...There are many more questions that keep cropping up about Lupoli and his project. He would be wise to consider all the of those questions, and more, before he goes to Special Town Meeting in less than two weeks to make his case to the voters.

What Mr. Landry Says on His Personal Website, TownOfAndover.com

Mr. Landry is an Andover Selectman, who is ending his first term and announced he will not run again.

DISCLOSURE: I worked for Mr. Landry's campaign 3 years ago.

Mr. Landry runs a personal website TownofAndover.com and YouTube channel, to promote transparency and fiscal responsiblity in Andover. He also provides opt-in email updates. Below are some of his emails related to the Dascomb Road Project.

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What The Andover Community Says

There's been lots of talk about The Dascomb Road Project on social media. I've learned a lot from listening to discussions in the Facebook Group, Andover Cares about Our Schools and Towns. Additionally, members of the community have writtent Letters to the Editor of the Andover Townsman supporting and opposing the project (below are links to some).

Some Letters Supporting The Dascomb Road Project

Andover needs 55-plus housing     More...
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Some Letters Opposing The Dascomb Road Project

Voters should be careful about Dascomb Road re-zoning    More..
Lupoli's Dascomb Road project has too many unanswered questions     More..
Dascomb Road project will be costly to residents    More..
Note to three members of the Board of Selectmen: Who do you really represent?    More..
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Osgood Street neighborhood will be affected by Dascomb Road project     More..

Andover Special Town Meeting Details

Attend Special Town Meeting to get answers to your questions on The Dascomb Road Project and cast your vote. I hope to see you there!

Special Town Meeting
Monday, January 29, 2018 | 7pm
Andover High School Collins Center Auditorium

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